It Was the Dead Who Groaned Within

stars_wordpressWhy is it that so many people must have someone with them at all times? Why can’t time spent alone be equally satisfying to people as much as having a buddy around to do nonsensical things? Also having one relationship after another and never having time to be independent, the time to say “hey yeah this is me and I am not a reflection of my partner. I have my own mind and physical body with an ever flowing amount of energy in which I can create by myself“!

What about the constant numbing of the mind with drugs and alcohol?

The fear of being alone has spread to so many people and I fear that more times than not, they use all of the above as crutches–They don’t want to see what is really going on in their lives. Do people not want to accept their actions? So they have to be occupied at all times with chit chat that is only air blowing in the wind or occupying the mind under chemical influence. So is there a permanent hiatus of consciousness in society? Is the mere thought of sitting with one’s own thoughts, that terrifying? Can you not entertain yourself without the help of another or something?

From the wise words from my spiritual teacher, Swami Chetanananda, “Will you be the hero of your own life”?