University of Houston ASL Interpreting

I came across someone yesterday that put me down for how long I’ve been in school with no degree to show. I further explained how I plan to obtain my degree in ASL interpreting and it will take me another few years, but he still judged… I actually let this person get to me and I started feeling down about myself. A talk with my mum changed that feeling of dejection. In her words she said, “why should you care what others think about you? You’re going to be successful and happy with your career in the end. Forget everyone else”!

— So I apply to the UH ASLI program that is highly competitive in the spring and I start my first interpreting class in just two weeks.

Mixed feelings of happiness and angst are creeping up on me.


Daily Prompt: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World

Daily Prompt: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.                     

When speaking to people via text and or online, I for the most part speak in complete sentences and do not abbreviate words. I’m often quite nice and acknowledge one’s thoughts and feelings in the conversation and provide my feedback. If you are a very close friend of mine or family member, then that is a different story. You will most likely receive vulgar, silly, and characteristic bursts of my inordinate sense of humor. Nevertheless, I’ll also incorporate the general texting/messaging etiquette, just with a little kick.
                      Through my own eyes, I see myself being the same way being in person. If I don’t know you, I am more than likely going to be that one girl who looks like she’s in deep contemplation while being by herself with a cup of hot tea in her hand. If you know me, I’m going to be more than likely the loudest one in the room while wearing a cheshire grin. Be it that it may be like this for others, why don’t you give it a thought? Who are you on the internet or through texting?
                      Let me also add, while the internet world is rather different from the world we interact with on a physical daily basis; I think it is up to the individual to convey to others who and what kind of person they are outside of the internet and texting. Some may be confident between the invisible but yet so thick film of ethernet and telephone tower connections we hold so dearly in 2013. Others may bring that bravado into the physical world. Are you strictly masked by 0101010 or are you a physical interaction type ? Food for thought.